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    PRIS114: Net price index (2015=100) by commodity group and unit
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    Net price index (2015=100) by unit, commodity group and time
    00 Index of net prices , total107.9109.5110.1111.6112.7113.6115.1115.1116.4117.7116.7116.0
    04.5.1 Electricity189.1165.6163.9210.2196.7199.2240.0235.8320.8344.1315.8282.6 Natural gas and town gas284.2259.9251.0394.4335.7301.9335.9472.6605.9600.4356.0371.9 Diesel143.5153.2192.3190.4203.7233.0219.2198.3200.2223.4200.7172.6

    The price indices for April 2020 - June 2021 are more uncertain than usual, as the non-response rate has been larger than normal and some businesses have been shut down.

    Unit : Index
    Contact : Christian Lindeskov  +45 39 17 34 35
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