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    DNFPAFKV: Insurance and pension fund's return on investments by currency
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    Insurance and pension fund's return on investments by currency, sector,
    type of investment, company type, values and time
    All currencies
    1. All sectors
    1. Investments in total
    2. Insurance companies and pension funds, after fund look-through of Danish investment funds
    2. Returns-41.78100.5734.2276.8031.981.3799.1361.8478.11-4.87
    3. Returns without currency changes-29.7299.3734.3871.3832.76-0.72106.1747.0480.51-13.94

    Unit : DKK bn.
    Contact : Birthe Merethe Jensen  +45 33636821
    Martin Dencker Raffnsøe  +45 33636850
    Information : There is no documentation of statistics for this table

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