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    BARSEL02: Parental leave, cohabitants (calculated after days) by unit, benefit rigts, leave, educational combination and region (DISCONTINUD)
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    Parental leave, cohabitants (calculated after days) by educational
    combination, leave, benefit rights, unit, region and time
    All couples, regardless of education combination
    All couples, regardless of leave split up
    Both mother and father are entitled to parental benfits
    Father - days on parental benefits on average
    Province Byen København44
    Province Københavns omegn34
    Province Nordsjælland33
    Province Bornholm26
    Province Østsjælland30
    Province Vest- og Sydsjælland25
    Province Fyn28
    Province Sydjylland24
    Province Østjylland29
    Province Vestjylland24
    Province Nordjylland23

    The Barsel02 table is no longer updated, but is replaced by the Barsel04 table because a new data source makes it possible to calculate held maternity leave more accurately than it was possible to do in Barsel01.

    Unit : number
    Contact : Torben Lundsvig  +45 39 17 34 21
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